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SSC Result 2017 All Education Boards

SSC Result 2017 for the All Education Board is so much simple to get by SMS or Message and via online. I think SSC Result 2017 via online is easier than any other way. But SSC Result 2017 by SMS is easy too! SMS is also well-known Message. I will help you to get your result within few seconds! After publishing the result you can get your result in very little monument just follow me and carefully read this full article. Here is A to Z information for Barisal Education Board's HSC students. You can also get your HSC Result 2017 very easily from our blog!

SSC Result 2017

Exam candidates are felt a lot of nervous at the result publication day. But every student should prevent the nervous for his result. Because every student needs to depend on the Almighty Allah!
Also, he should take care for his regular prayer for making a good result. But making a good preparation is also important too! You can know the secret tips for getting higher marks in the exam from our site.

Description of the Education Boards

Bangladesh Education Board is one of the biggest education board in all over the world! This famous education board published the SSC Result 2017 every year.
So keep your eye on the official website of the education boards organization to get the real SSC Result 2017, HSC Result 2017, JSC Result 2017 and PSC Result 2017 even!
Also, you can get others result such as Dakhil Result 2017, Alim Result 2017 and Fazil Result or any year.
Thre are a lot of ways to quickly receive the result. Such as Result by SMS or Mobile Phone Message, Result via online or the Internet, from your school or college, from the education boards official website and more!
We generally share all the way for the result gets. So regularly browse this blog to get your result in very quick time.

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HSC Result 2017 All Education Boards

HSC result 2017 all education boards, this is the most memorable experience for the thousands of high school students in BD. Because HSC results 2017 will define who will get the chance to enroll into the best colleges. That’s why after completing the HSC exam 2017, students are waiting for the results. But not only the students but also the guardians are waiting for the HSC exam results 2017 BD.
The tear of joy and the tear of sadness will create a big moment on the result day. Again, HSC results 2017 BD is the turning point for the HSC participants. However, this is the post for all about HSC result 2017 BD. I am going to discuss everything related to HSC exam results 2017. So, stay with me. And read the whole post.

HSC Result 2017 all education boards

HSC Exam Result 2017

Looking for HSC result 2017 BD? Well, we can help you to get your HSC exam result 2017. And in this post, I am going to let you know the HSC results 2017 publishing date. Also, I will inform you how to get your results. In addition, I will show you how to get HSC exam results 2017 online. And I also show you the SMS format of the HSC results.
Moreover, you will know the method of getting HSC results 2017 by Android App. In fact, I am going to discuss HSC result 2017 all education boards BD. So, by reading throughout the post, you will learn every piece of info you need to get your HSC results 2017. Also, we will update our site with the latest info about HSC exam results 2017. So, you can bookmark this website. And visit this site often to get the latest info about the HSC results.


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HSC Admission Result 2017 for All College & all education board by xiclassadmission result

HSC Admission Result 2017 is one of most attractive result for the student who passed the last SSC exam of 2017. The SSC Result 2017 was published on the 4th May of 2017. Successfully passed students already apply for the HSC Admission 2017 and now they can get their HSC Admission Result 2017 from this organization and the xiclassadmission result both!
HSC Admission Result 2017 xiclassadmission result

Get HSC Admission Result 2017 via SMS

According to the last HSC Admission 2017 notice; the education board of Bangladesh will automatically send you an SMS to inform you about your admission result from xiclassadmission result! As a result, you should just wait for the result publication day and keep eye on your mobile phone SIM number's message inbox.
But every student can get his result via online also! Maybe most of all are tries to get his result via online. I think online is one of the dependable ways to get your XI class admission result 2017.
When you have filled up your admission form; you were selected minimum five colleges. Because the Ministry of Education has issued an important notification for the last SSC/Dakhil exam passed students. The education ministry was given this notice below:

[Need HSC Result 2017? Just read this: HSC Result 2017 For Dhaka Education Board]

xiclassadmission result 1st merit list + 2nd Merit list + 3rd Merit list

Some main hints of the notice:
Students who get minimum GAP 1.0 they can apply for the HSC Admission 2017 and only they can able to get the HSC Admission Result 2017 via SMS or online both.

A student can select maximum 10 colleges across all the college under Bangladesh Education Board. Here is mandatory that, the applicant can't apply without selecting minimum 5 colleges. After carefully selecting minimum five colleges applicant can submit his online HSC Admission form and only he can get an SMS about his HSC Admission Result 2017.

Other SSC passed students who applied via the only SMS; they can get the result via SMS also!
Almost all the students are applied via online. But before applying online every student need to send a message to payment his admission fee!

It is mandatory and necessary for every student. Without sending minimum two message (one of them for a pin and one of them for payment) on one can not apply to get admission on class XI HSC.
So, starting the online application now an applicant can select his choices colleges and finally submit his online HSC Admission.

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After finishing the admission form submission now you should wait for the authorities official organization of  HSC Result publication day.

Get HSC Admission Result 2017 via Online

You can also check or get your HSC Admission Result 2017 via online at All the SSC Passed students are applied, but all of them will not to get the chance to get admitted in the XI Class.
Because the education board organization will publish minimum three (3) merit list of HSC Admission Result 2017.

As a result, only 25% of student can get the admission in the first chance. Some candidates are enlisted in the waiting list for the 2nd (Second) merit list of HSC admission result 2017.

Not only the second merit list; also here is another merit list. Another merit list is (3rd) third merit list.

After publication of the second merit list; some of the students are waiting for the third merit list even then! Because they are now enlisted at second waiting list or merit.

These merit system will automatically be generated by the HSC Admission 2017 and HSC Admission Result 2017 maintaining system software. This software is an online based education management admission and admission result publication software. Our BUET Teachers and student are the creators of this online based admission software.

To avoid this process, every candidate should select an appropriate college with matched his GPA at the first his first five chosen college.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

HSC Result 2017 For Dhaka Education Board's HSC Students

HSC Result 2017 is an interesting educational event in Bangladesh. It is a historical academic Result publication day! As a public exam, HSC Exam Result 2017 is very important in the history of education in Bangladesh. Basically, it is more important and interesting for the Dhaka Education Board students.
The HSC means "Higher Secondary Certificate". In Bangladesh, HSC is the class of after SSC. Students who passed the SSC Exam; they can get admitted to the HSC class at 11th and 12th.

HSC Result 2017 For Dhaka Education Board
Image by:

5 Way to get HSC Result 2017 of Dhaka Education Board

I will give you 5 way to get the HSC Exam Result 2017 for the students of Dhaka Education board! So if you looking for your result or want to know how to get the HSC Result in a quick time; you should read this full informative article from the header to footer.

[May be Important for youA small guide for the HSC Passed students ]

Check HSC Result 2017 of Dhaka Education Board by Internet/Online

It was an unbelievable talk for getting HSC Exam Result 2017 for the internet or online in Bangladesh. In 2004, first time Bangladesh government was released the education board results via Internet.
It is also well known as "Web Based Result Publication System of Bangladesh Education Board"
So every student now gets his result from the Internet by the Authority's Official Website of the Bangladesh Education Board Result.

Get HSC Result 2017 of Dhaka Education Board by Mobile Phone SMS (Message)

Now you should know about the Mobile Phone SMS (Message) system. Because it is one of the easy ways to get the HSC Exam Result 2017!
I think you have all ready to get your HSC Exam Result 2017 via Message :) All most all the students and peoples are tried minimum single time for getting result 2017 via messages.
But probably most the people can not know about message format. So we will share the message sending format for the all the student and student's parents, guardians, cousins, elder sisters, elder brothers, younger sister, younger brothers and all the relatives of a candidate of HSC Exam 2017!

SMS Format for getting HSC Result 2017

Go to your Message Option and write: HSC <space> DHA <space> HSC Roll Number <space> 2017 and finally you should send this message to 16222

From any Mobile Phone Operator of Bangladesh such as Teletalk, Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi and Citycell also!

Bottom Line of HSC Result 2017

Finally, I want to say that "I think you have already learned how to get the HSC Exam Result 2017 of Dhaka Education Board. But if you have to need to get any further information about the topic; Just submit a comment. We will answer your comment as soon as possible.
Bonus Tips:
You can also comment your HSC Exam Roll, HSC Exam Board, and HSC Registration Number to get your result from our site!
After publishing the result, we will share your full result with mark-sheet!
Allah Hafiz

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Easy Writing Suggestion for 2017 SSC Examines (very important essay)

In the ssc examination English is the most important subject. Students should take a good preparation for the ssc examination. To get or make an excellent result on the class 10th final exam; every ssc candidates can read and memorize the essay below. Essay writing is the most important and valuable way to get high marks in the English 1st paper and English 2nd Paper subject. As a ssc organization we have shared some easy for your good result in ssc exam 2017. Click Here for get SSC Result 2017.

Hot News! Get SSC Result 2017 for All Education Boards

A day in the country

I live in Dhaka. I was born and brought up here. But my maternal uncle lives in the country. His house is in a village, far from the town. the village is on the other side of the Buriganga. The other day, I had been to that village for a day. I went over the river by boat. I got out of the boat and walked up the path. I reached the village at about 4 p.m.

I saw some green fields. Cows graze there. Goats bleat and run in herds. Cow boys play in the field. what a quiet place It is beautiful too. Weary travelers sit down under the cool shade of the tree forest. There are many fruit trees in the village. Of them, banana and mango attract me much. The mango tastes sweet. Litchis and coconuts are also available.

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There are fish in the tank. I went to fishing once. I caught fishes of various kinds. They looked nice.
In the evening, the children and younger people play in the open field while t heir fathers. And grand fathers look on them with admiration. Then at the close of day they sit and talk and tell stories, and after a frugal diet retire early to bed and to a peaceful lumber. There in the country, one feels the fresh breeze and the fragrant flowers and the sweet tunes hover in the air.

The village life is almost an ideal life for many. It calls the dreamy poet to write something. It serves the thoughtful mood of the philosopher. The nature is lovely there. The loveliness of nature is a poem in itself that one may read without tiring.

{Passed HSC Exam? So follow this tips: A small guide for the HSC Passed students!!!]

A journey by bus

A bus is modern and motorized transport. A journey by bus is quick and comfortable. It is interesting too. It is very common, easy and popular. Nowadays, every man can have the experience of a journey by bus. I had a journey by bus many times. I never forget the best of them.

It was one spring. I was with my father. We were going to Rajshahi from pabna. I was then a student of class V. My brother-in-law and my sister were working there in government offices.

First we went to Pabna town by train and then got on a bus which was bound for Rajshahi . The road was not good, But the journey was interesting for me. It was my first journey by bus. The bus started late. It was over-crowded. We were sitting in the middle. My seat was beside window. The bus could not run fast as the road was not good. there was jerking almost all the way. It was a local bus. So it stopped at many places. I could look outside and see the natural sceneries, houses and people in the fields. I could see rivers and canals and the green beauties of the villages. I felt very happy.

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I could not tolerate the gas or the engine. Though I was happy, I felt a bit sick. At one stage, I was vomiting. Suddenly the bus stopped. We were asked to get down because the bridge ahead was partly broken. However, when it was about dusk we crossed the bridge and again started for our destination.
After about thirty minutes, the bus stopped at a bus stand. The conductor said that it was Rajshahi bus station. The passengers got down. I found my brother-in-law standing under a tree. He came forward to receive us. We got down and went to his residence.

Thus the journey came to an end. The time is gone. But the memory is still fresh. We all wish interesting and safe bus journey.


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Paragraph Writing Suggestion for SSC Student 2017

Paragraph Writing is one of the most important writing test for the ssc students of Bangladesh Education Board. As SSC related organization, we always take care of Bangladesh's all education boards SSC students. So now we will share some excellent paragraph for the class of ssc candidate of education board organization.

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These paragraphs are very important. So read it carefully and memorize as soon as possible.

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ssc exam suggestion paragraph

01. Your Classroom 

What is a classroom? Where is your classroom? What is the size of your classroom? 1-low many pieces of-furniture are there? How many students can sit there? How do von/eel in your classroom?

A classroom is a room in a school building, which is meant only for holding classes. I am a student of class 9 reading in Islamic High School. I have my classroom there in the main building of the school, and it is by the side of a big pond belonging to the school. The room is forty feet long and eighteen feet wide. A six feet veranda runs beside my classroom. The room has four 4 doors and eight windows, and so wind can pass easily through it. There is a dais in the classroom. A chair and a table are there on the dais for the use of the teachers. A very nice blackboard is there hung up at the southeastern corner of the room. There are fourteen benches in the room. In the class, there are forty students, and the benches can accommodate all of them. This is, in short, a description of my class room.

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02. A Village Market

What is a village market?
Where does it usually sit? What do the villagers do there?
What kinds if things are available in a village market? How do the villagers go there?
What is its importance in the life of the villagers?

A village market is an important place to the villagers. It is a market place in a village, where the villagers go to buy and sell various things. A village market usually sits on the bank of a small river or a canal or by the side of a highway. It also sits on cross-roads. It sits once or twice a week in the afternoon. The villagers come to the Market on foot or by rickshaws. In the low-lying areas, the villagers come to their market by small boats. In a village market, the villagers buy and sell different kinds of food-grains and other commodities. They buy and sell all kinds of daily necessaries here. It is, in fact, the primary center to meet people’s need. It also serves as a center of the villagers to improve their economic condition. It is again a meeting place of the villagers. Here they meet and greet their friends and relatives who also come to buy and sell their things. Thus a village market bears a great social importance too.

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History Of SSC Exam In Bangladesh

The secondary school certificate (SSC) Evaluation, is a community examination in Bangladesh, Indian and Pakistan performed as finalization study of secondary knowledge. Learners of Tenth grade/class ten appear in these examinations. It is an comparative to GCSE in Britain. SSC is comparative to first couple of a lot of Great Educational institutions in the USA, and GCSE in Britain. HSC is comparative to 3rd and 4th season of Great University in the USA, which means they can start college with HSC certification here in the USA.

Super hot article for you! Get SSC Result 2017 for All Education Boards

ssc exam 2017

Read another informative article:  history of education board Bangladesh

In Bangladesh , Great University is split into Additional University Documentation (SSC) and HSC (Higher Additional University Certification) levels, although SSC is informally known as high school due to its use during the English judgment time.After finishing the 9th and Tenth category (grade) students rests for a national community examination known as SSC and if they pass they get chance to study in universities and up secondary schools. 10th category examination is carry out at the
condition stage by the condition forums to train and at the National stage by the Authorities for the Indian University Documentation Examinations. Class 10 examination is carry out yearly.Tenth board examination curriculum may vary for individuals from different knowledge forums.

In Bangladesh, the reduced term "Metric" represents the Additional University Evaluation (SSC) taken at season 10, before Advanced Exams taken in following couple of decades prior to university entry. Bangladesh like the rest of South Japan continued to use conditions such as Matriculation Exams and Advanced Exams taken from the days of the English Raj although these conditions is replace in Britain itself with O or Ordinary Level Examinations (now known as GCSE) and A or Advanced Level Examinations respectively.

During mid 90's, a new evaluation program at SSC evaluation were also presented in 1992. Raynor and Chowdhury (2004) report that, "The stipend program has introduced about change. Teenage now noticeable in huge numbers, going to and at university in non-urban areas- in itself a fundamental modify. The female stipend program (FSP) offers an allocation to motivate family members to send ladies to school, and to help to fulfill the costs.

During mid 90's, a new evaluation program at SSC evaluation were also presented in 1992. Raynor and Chowdhury (2004) report that, "The stipend program has introduced about change. Teenage ladies are now noticeable in huge numbers, going to and at university in non-urban areas- in itself a fundamental modify. The female stipend program (FSP) offers an allocation to motivate family members to send ladies to school, and to help to fulfill the costs of education and learning the college program is improve, roughly 150,000 teachers obtained short-term training in the new curriculum; ten teacher-training universities is improve and five new greater instructor training institutes were establish. At the end of 90's, 'Shamsul Haque Education Percentage 1997' was establish. Correspondingly, in 2001 and 2003 two other income 'Abdul Bari commission 2001'and Moniruzzaman Miah Education Percentage 2003' were establish.

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The later presented its review in 2004 and advocated for a single-track secondary education and learning program, broader accessibility education and learning in non-urban places, figuring out teacher-student rate, upgrading teacher credentials, changing the curricular and educating methods, and enhancing the evaluation and examination systems at additional stage. In different stages the amount of community sector participation towards salary subvention to non- govt educational organizations at additional and secondary stage was improve to 60%, 70% and 80% and lastly up to 90% in 2001. The remaining 10% was give by the organizations. Instructors and staffs were also given 25% and 50% of their basic wage as event allocation and restricted house lease respectively. Recently Government is giving 100% of wage subvention to the teachers of non- govt educational organizations and the disbursement is create monthly through teacher's personal banking account.

History Of SSC Exam In Bangladesh

Nowadays, the most important focus of Bangladesh education and learning plan in class stage turned from "quantity" to "quality".Reforms applied in class handling panel (SMC), pension and service benefit of non-government teachers, instructor coaching, technology and computer education, additional program,school-based evaluation program (SBA) and British language educating (GoB, 2005; Globe Bank, 2005). 'Quality Assurance' is now seeking to help analyzing schools' efficiency using a set of indicators (World Financial institution, 2006). The Sixth Five Year Plan (2003-2008), from the Planning Percentage, provides the following objectives in respect to secondary education:

(a) enhancing participation in different stages and types of education, such as lower additional,secondary, and additional stages such as madrasa education.

(b) enhancing participation of women through stipend programs in all stages of additional education; and

(c) enhancing top quality of additional education and learning through in-service coaching of teachers (UNESCO, 2007). Despite these projects, Bangladesh faces new difficulties and demands in education and learning industry and additional education and learning product is still experiencing problems to provide top quality education (Ahmad, 2005).

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Even though there have seven education and learning income established until date but Bangladesh has not been able to have a realistic education and learning plan after 38 decades of its freedom. Subsequent government authorities in Bangladesh, whether for political purposes or real initiatives at getting it right, have always innovative legitimate details for starting upon one change program or the other. Over the decades, focus is give on amount by setting up needless secondary education organizations to fulfill governmental figures and their constituencies (GoB, 2005). These educational organizations don't have adequate facilities, certified teachers and above all certified academic directors (Begum & Bhuyan, 2005). So,secondary education and learning in Bangladesh disregards, in a million ways, the guidelines of important,transformation healthy educational growth.