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History Of SSC Exam In Bangladesh

The secondary school certificate (SSC) Evaluation, is a community examination in Bangladesh, Indian and Pakistan performed as finalization study of secondary knowledge. Learners of Tenth grade/class ten appear in these examinations. It is an comparative to GCSE in Britain. SSC is comparative to first couple of a lot of Great Educational institutions in the USA, and GCSE in Britain. HSC is comparative to 3rd and 4th season of Great University in the USA, which means they can start college with HSC certification here in the USA.

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ssc exam 2017

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In Bangladesh , Great University is split into Additional University Documentation (SSC) and HSC (Higher Additional University Certification) levels, although SSC is informally known as high school due to its use during the English judgment time.After finishing the 9th and Tenth category (grade) students rests for a national community examination known as SSC and if they pass they get chance to study in universities and up secondary schools. 10th category examination is carry out at the
condition stage by the condition forums to train and at the National stage by the Authorities for the Indian University Documentation Examinations. Class 10 examination is carry out yearly.Tenth board examination curriculum may vary for individuals from different knowledge forums.

In Bangladesh, the reduced term "Metric" represents the Additional University Evaluation (SSC) taken at season 10, before Advanced Exams taken in following couple of decades prior to university entry. Bangladesh like the rest of South Japan continued to use conditions such as Matriculation Exams and Advanced Exams taken from the days of the English Raj although these conditions is replace in Britain itself with O or Ordinary Level Examinations (now known as GCSE) and A or Advanced Level Examinations respectively.

During mid 90's, a new evaluation program at SSC evaluation were also presented in 1992. Raynor and Chowdhury (2004) report that, "The stipend program has introduced about change. Teenage now noticeable in huge numbers, going to and at university in non-urban areas- in itself a fundamental modify. The female stipend program (FSP) offers an allocation to motivate family members to send ladies to school, and to help to fulfill the costs.

During mid 90's, a new evaluation program at SSC evaluation were also presented in 1992. Raynor and Chowdhury (2004) report that, "The stipend program has introduced about change. Teenage ladies are now noticeable in huge numbers, going to and at university in non-urban areas- in itself a fundamental modify. The female stipend program (FSP) offers an allocation to motivate family members to send ladies to school, and to help to fulfill the costs of education and learning the college program is improve, roughly 150,000 teachers obtained short-term training in the new curriculum; ten teacher-training universities is improve and five new greater instructor training institutes were establish. At the end of 90's, 'Shamsul Haque Education Percentage 1997' was establish. Correspondingly, in 2001 and 2003 two other income 'Abdul Bari commission 2001'and Moniruzzaman Miah Education Percentage 2003' were establish.

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The later presented its review in 2004 and advocated for a single-track secondary education and learning program, broader accessibility education and learning in non-urban places, figuring out teacher-student rate, upgrading teacher credentials, changing the curricular and educating methods, and enhancing the evaluation and examination systems at additional stage. In different stages the amount of community sector participation towards salary subvention to non- govt educational organizations at additional and secondary stage was improve to 60%, 70% and 80% and lastly up to 90% in 2001. The remaining 10% was give by the organizations. Instructors and staffs were also given 25% and 50% of their basic wage as event allocation and restricted house lease respectively. Recently Government is giving 100% of wage subvention to the teachers of non- govt educational organizations and the disbursement is create monthly through teacher's personal banking account.

History Of SSC Exam In Bangladesh

Nowadays, the most important focus of Bangladesh education and learning plan in class stage turned from "quantity" to "quality".Reforms applied in class handling panel (SMC), pension and service benefit of non-government teachers, instructor coaching, technology and computer education, additional program,school-based evaluation program (SBA) and British language educating (GoB, 2005; Globe Bank, 2005). 'Quality Assurance' is now seeking to help analyzing schools' efficiency using a set of indicators (World Financial institution, 2006). The Sixth Five Year Plan (2003-2008), from the Planning Percentage, provides the following objectives in respect to secondary education:

(a) enhancing participation in different stages and types of education, such as lower additional,secondary, and additional stages such as madrasa education.

(b) enhancing participation of women through stipend programs in all stages of additional education; and

(c) enhancing top quality of additional education and learning through in-service coaching of teachers (UNESCO, 2007). Despite these projects, Bangladesh faces new difficulties and demands in education and learning industry and additional education and learning product is still experiencing problems to provide top quality education (Ahmad, 2005).

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Even though there have seven education and learning income established until date but Bangladesh has not been able to have a realistic education and learning plan after 38 decades of its freedom. Subsequent government authorities in Bangladesh, whether for political purposes or real initiatives at getting it right, have always innovative legitimate details for starting upon one change program or the other. Over the decades, focus is give on amount by setting up needless secondary education organizations to fulfill governmental figures and their constituencies (GoB, 2005). These educational organizations don't have adequate facilities, certified teachers and above all certified academic directors (Begum & Bhuyan, 2005). So,secondary education and learning in Bangladesh disregards, in a million ways, the guidelines of important,transformation healthy educational growth.


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History Of Education Board Bangladesh

Hello, Everybody today i also come with you to share some unknown things that is the History Of Education Board Bangladesh. So let's start......

The Forums of Advanced and Additional Knowledge in Bangladesh are accountable for performing the exams for the Additional University Certification (S.S.C), the Greater Secondary (School) Certification (H.S.C), the Alim and the Dakhil stage community exams.There are eight local boards (Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Jessore, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Dinajpur) plus the Madrasa Panel and the Technological Panel.

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Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka

The Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Dhaka is recognize on 7 May 1921 according to the suggestions of Saddler Percentage. Advanced universities and high educational institutions in Dhaka town and
Dhaka Education Board

Islamic intermediate universities as well as madrasa of greater. Bengal were in balance of the board An advisory board made by the home of public education of higher Bengal has give the federal govt of that board.

Dhaka Panel is demolish in Sept 1947 by a govt order. Its name is modifies to 'East Bengal Additional Knowledge Board' in 1955 and it was stay until 1961. Opportunity of this new board has restrict to secondary level education of then the Eastern region of Pakistan and control of intermediate education is move to the School of Dhaka.
Responsibility of intermediate education is give to the board from the university in 1961 and board is know as 'Board of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Eastern Pakistan'.And after freedom it is know as 'Board of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Dhaka'  with the scope of function within Dhaka division.

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Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dinajpur

Quality, appropriate knowledge division of the Rangpur, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Gaibandha,Nilphamari, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon and Panchagarh regions in the area of secondary and additional knowledge, local 
Dinajpur Education Board

horsetrading company, control, supervision and the development of additional and through the issuance of 2006 Oct panel of additional Education, is establish in Dinajpur. 2009 AD, the first SSC and HSC exams through the activities of the Board on deputation charitableness BCS (general education) cadre 1 David, review and accounting division euthanasia complete of 13 authorities will work on the panel of this education;
Various roles enrolled 108 long lasting workers and 11 Ansar and VDP members of the security company of the university checkerboard own 3 miles of land and 2013 AD on the executive building of the Board of Education is operating to develop the necessary facilities. Board of Education in July 2018, will be the fulfillment of ecological facilities under the Board of Education is predict under dinajapur education panel has lower high school 716 chairs, 2579 chairs high school, greater education, secondary university, greater education and degree universities of the count of 657 cases, a complete of over 3952 schools. until 200920015 JSC, SSC and HSC  examination has been taken out efficiently and continuously improved the quantity of educational organizations have been under the Board of Education. 

With the increased variety of scholars. At present, the quantity of scholars at the JSC, SSC and HSC levels at 1.5 thousand, about 1 thousand. Over the years, various educational institutions to educating, educational identification, subject, classification and open divisions and significantly increase the rate of restoration to train and learning in the light of parliamentarian govt, IT-based science-minded to develop a digital Bangladesh is rich in ethical principles, continuous effort of creating good people of the region panel to train and learning 
successfully carries on to function.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi

The Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Rajshahi was establish in the year 1961, which led to development of a individual education area in the north Bangladesh (erstwhile Eastern Pakistan) from 
Rajshahi Education Board

management and educational management over the Dhaka Knowledge Panel at the Additional and Advanced level to train. In pursuance with the Presidential proclamation of the 7th Oct, 1958 the Governor (of the so known as Eastern Pakistan) was please to make and promulgate the control of 1961 vied no. XXXIII-1961. This control known as the Advanced and Additional Knowledge  Ordinance 1961.
According to the Eastern Pakistan Advanced and Additional Knowledge Ordinance, No. XXXIII of 1961 and its changes No. XVI of 1962 and No. XVII of 1977,the Panel is accountable for organization, control, guidance, management and development of Advanced and Additional education, having public exams (both S.S.C. and H.S.C. examinations) having management on secondary and higher secondary institution and marketing of the interest of scholars and instructors in a healthy academic environment. As an important agency of the Government. Board's purpose is several and widespread in rationalizing the perspective of the Government.'s educational policy and ensuring its execution within its allocated authority.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jossore

The Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge (BISE), Jessore,Bangladesh was  established for Khulna 
Jossore Education Board

department in 1963 by an Management (vide Eastern Pakistan Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1961) for the company, regulation, guidance, control and growth of Advanced and Additional stage community exams and educational
organizations. The Management was, however, revised in 1962 (No. XVI of 1962) and in 1977 (No. XVII of 1977).
Dr. Abdul Haque was the beginning chair (9.10.1963 to 04.12.1965) of BISE, Jessore. Prof. Mohammad Abdul Alim is the existing Chairman (03 Nov 2016 up to present) and 31st Chairman in the record of BISE, Jessore.

When BISE, Jessore set out its trip in 1963, there were only four (greater) regions,namely, Khulna, Jessore, Barisal and Kushtia having a complete of only 20 universities and 508 academic organizations. A new region Patuakhali was create in 1969 splitting from Barisal increasing variety of regions to five. The decentralization of management in Bangladesh led upgrading all subdivisions to regions twenty six years ago taking the variety of regions to 16 under Jessore board.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla

The Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge (BISE), Comilla, has been established in the year 1962 under
Comilla Education Board

The Eastern Pakistan Advanced and Additional Knowledge (Amendment) Regulation, 1962. Secondary and Greater Additional Knowledge Panel, Comilla (English: Panel of Intermediate and Additional Knowledge, 

Comilla) in Comilla district of Bangladesh, secondary and tertiary stage schools to act as the regulating authority. The Board of Knowledge was recognize in 196 regions of Comilla, Bangladesh. Laksham in Comilla road Kandirpar current official building is locate.
This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Panel of Additional and Greater Additional stage educational organizations supervision, management and development of secondary and levels of public examinations authorized; Eastern Pakistan Additional and Greater Education
Regulation 1961 (East Pakistan Regulation No. XXXIII of 1961) and 196 AD, in the sixteenth and 17th change in 1977 AD by the Evaluating.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong

Additional and Greater Additional Knowledge Panel, Chittagong (here after known as as the Panel of Education)
Chittagong Education Board

started its function in 1995. It is the academic administration and control over an independent and self-governing systems. 
Thinking about the nation's improving need for services for qualitative and quantitative research, the Panel of Knowledge in Educational Control as a middle of excellence in trying to build up.According to the guidelines of the Panel, secondary and secondary education in East Pakistan Control, 1961 (East Pakistan Control No. 1961 XXXIII) and area 3A (1), the company, regulation, guidance, control and accountable for the development
better secondary, secondary and junior-level public evaluation of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Rangamati,

 Khagrachari and Bandarban regions schools.Greater Chittagong (ie Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban districts) to relieve the sufferings of the people in Chittagong Knowledge Panel and
pestering, problems and cost to get rid of what they did for a long developed a dream can be use to fix various problems they face when to secondary and secondary education, go to Comilla board.
This is very problematic, expensive and time-consuming it was. There was no Chittagong Knowledge Panel was that it is quite artificial. Bangladesh's main Chittagong slot town and the middle of the nation's professional 
and professional actions. Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge (BISE), Chittagong This is a powerful activity in 1994 started his strategy in 1995. The educational administration and control over an independent and self-regulating company. 
However, since it is very difficult to read BISE, has been executing its activities in the Chittagong.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal

Barisal Education Board

The Board of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Barisal (here in after known as BISE) started its function in 1999. It is an independent and self-regulating organization in the world of academic management and management in Bangladesh. Considering the growing need for both qualitative and quantitative education in country, the BISE-Barisal is trying to create it as a center of quality in the world of educational management.

Its concentrates are enhancement examination and offering assistance in developing handling committees of academic institutions and universities, handling student enrollment in academic institutions and universities, enhancement in sports and physical education and sportsmanship of learners and company of three important public examinations-J.S.C. (Junior School Certificate) S.S.C. (Secondary University Certificate) and H.S.C. (Higher Additional Certificate) Exams of Barisal department. It also gives grants to meritorious learners based on the results.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Syllhet

Sylleht Education Board

The Panel of Advanced and Additional Knowledge, Syllhet is an independent company,that is accountable for having community exams (JSC, S.S.C and H.S.C) in four districts of Syllhet Department. The board is recognize in 1999.The existing chairman of the board is Lecturer Momtaz Shamim.

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Secret Tips to Get Higher Marks in Exams

Hello friends, I hope you are all is keep well. Today i will tell you something special that the secret tips of how you get higher marks in exam. Let's start....

Have you got a significant analyze developing that you really want to ace? Do you usually want to increase your grades? There are a number of techniques and methods which can considerably enhance your probability of reviewing high on the analyze. This content will help you in mastering, examining and fixing examination concerns, so study on!

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Taking in Details Efficiently

tips for sss student

  • Pay interest in your sessions. The best thing you can do to boost your analyze ratings is to concentrate when you're meant to be studying the material: in class! Allowing your brain walk or not displaying up at all are both likely to create you lose out on key details that will later appear on assessments.
ssc exam 2017

  • Take good notices. This will be significant if you want to have no trouble studying later. Not only will composing the information down as you understand it help you in experiencing the details and being attentive, but you'll have a reference for when you go to research later.

  • Do study, Preparation, such as projects and at-home studying are where you will find the remaining information that will be on assessments, so doing this homework is essential. Routine efforts and set aside a basic place just for homework to help defeat the delay doldrums.

  • Do exercise assessments & ask your instructor or go online and print out a few exercise assessments. Getting a exercise analyze will help you figure out how many details you actually know vs how many details you think you know. Understanding your poor areas before the analyze is crucial!

Learning Like a Pro

Exam tips

  • Study regularly. Studying hard for only a couple of time previous evening the analyze isn't going to help make sure ideal ratings. If you really want to ace those examinations, research old and new content every day, or at least several times a 7 days. This will make test-taking a wind.
  • Take research smashes. When you research, create sure you take a 5-10 moment crack after every Half an hour of research. This will help keep your brain from getting bombarded and give it more a chance to process the details.On research smashes, try not to fill your brain with more details, even if that details are more about your favorite celebrity's newest show rather than Winston Churchill's international plan.
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  • Study according to your studying design. You may know that different many individuals have different studying designs. Some individuals are visible students, some individuals choose audio, some need actual movement, and so on. Know how you understand best and work that into how you research.
Exam tips ssc 2017

  • For example, if you understand better by actually doing things, try strolling around while you research. If you understand better with appears to associate with the details, pay attention to songs while you research. If you're a visible student, create a graph of the details you have to know.

  • Take benefit of sense storage. Your mind is very good at connecting odors or appears to be with concepts or remembrances. You should take benefit of this! While you're learning, wear some uncommon fragrance or fragrance (with a fragrance you don't usually encounter) and then reveal yourself to that fragrance again right before or during the analyze.

  • Listen to songs. Your instructor probably won't let you have headsets during the analyze, but you should at least listen to songs, particularly traditional songs, right before taking the analyze. Research have shown that visibility to certain types of songs right before extensive psychological action can really help, by getting up your mind and improving your attention.

Acing the Test

  • Write considerations down first. As soon as quality begins, create down all treatments or other essential information on some the beginning document before you start going through the concerns. This will help keep you from blanking when you need that details later.
Exam tips

  • Do the issues you know first. Always do the fast, easy issues to which you know the response first. This will help make sure that you get as much of quality done as possible. If you trapped, just proceed to the next problem that you can response quickly.
{Passed SSC 2017? Read now what to do? :what-will-need-to-do-after-ssc}
  • Cross out a different solutions. Once you've responded to the concerns you know, proceed to the ones you're not sure about. When you're working with several option concerns, removing solutions that you know are difficult or foolish will help you better decide between the possible options.

  • Look for signs in the other concerns. Sometimes the response to a query can include within or suggested at in another query on quality. Look at other solutions or inquiries to help jog your storage.
Important For you: notice-about-admit-card-of-ssc
  • Never keep concerns empty. Unless you're docked for wrong solutions, never just keep a query empty. Especially if it's several choice; you'll at least have a 25% chance of getting the right response.

  • Described previously above, this is where removing wrong solutions will come in useful.

At last, I also want to tell you important that keep pace yourself. This is important! Always keep track of the length of your energy you have and try to use your persistence smartly. You can always go back to check or enhance your solutions later!

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A small guide for the HSC Passed students!!!

I hope you are all is well.You are all taking proper  preparation for your upcoming examination.I think you also do better on your exam & I hopeful that you will do better result.After HSC exam we would be busy to do admission coaching for get  admission on our desire University.

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What Will Be The Next Step For HSC Passed Students

Admission Test

Perhaps you will leap up to meet up with wants your folks after desirable achievements in HSC evaluation.Some goals to be physician, some want to be professional, some desire to confess into IUB of University of Dhaka; some want to finish college out side the nation.

To get admission you will need to prepare with your HSC syllabus under by chocing center or you will take tuition for better success.In addition, you can take help of previous question paper for various university.From this subject you have read university board of administration will make MCQ question over 100 marks.And there is also have negative marks for each wrong answer. So be careful when you answer all question.Lastly it is say that this exam time only 1 hour.

Admission Test
 For participate this admission test you will need to apply online or by sms which is powered by teletalk. After some days you will get a short message for downloading admit card. Full details you find this varsity website admission corner. 

If you do not get admission on public university, don't worry  there are another option to take admission on Hon's level.You can get admission on National university according to your HSC Result.

Admission Test
Being populated by many goals and objectives when all friends are able in their specific locations one after another; perhaps your wish may stay unsatisfied for any error of yours. To keep the recommendations of others you were incapable to take the right choice at the perfect time. What you can do for it, it is give in brief below for your comfort.

Remember the following advice; it will come useful later on. After the end of the evaluation take coaching consistently to get excellent ranking in IELTS or TOEFL. At present, if you want to get confess into worthwhile University of any designed nation of the World then it doesn't seem possible to get entrance unless the IELTS or TOEFL score ( 6.5-7.0, 92-104) is acceptable. If necessary you can finish SAT.

You will obtain referrals characters of three Teachers or Instructors (they must associate with your department) of your college. In the correspondence they will suggest you about your all attainments and level of your benefit.

Get yourself engaged as offer in any social or social work and gather certification. Try consistently to post article, article on any modern topic in British or Arabic journal. This will assist you completely to get stipend.

Keep yourself linked to any sports, like poker, cricket, tennis, soccer. It keeps your body, mind healthy and powerful. If necessary, gather certification. Keep published declaration of objective in one million terms on any topic of your choice. All Colleges connect significance to this SOP.

Make plan about learning overseas after monitoring finances of your oldsters. Do not take choice quickly being confident or depending on the terms of any one.

In the age of globalization choose topic, program and nation after examining all factors about which way the wheels of economic system is shifting.

Abide by all guidelines of embassy effectively at plenty of your energy and effort of seeking Charge. Keep in mind to create resume cover correspondence to Visa Consular.

Admission Test
 Take recommendation of an knowledgeable, effective profession advisor to finish perfectly planning for entrance, techniques of getting Charge, other important issues after Charge. Take the help of a college student company company after understanding about it well.

It is only a matter of your energy and effort to obtain United states, Canada, Australia or Europe level if you follow effectively above the tips. Great results are limit to come.

Story of my SSC Exam Experience; May be Useful For You

A Real story of SSC Exam Experience

The experiences of sitting in the examination hall are really full of tension, mental torture and also excitement, even if the examinee is a topper in the class. I was watching terrible faces of my friends as they were also in trouble like me. Truly speaking, the very word ‘examination’ send tremble to everyone’s spine, whether it is a public or other examination.
It was started with admission test. Now I am talking about my condition during my first public examination. It was Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) arranged by Central Board of Secondary Education, Bangladesh.

Here is available: SSC 2017 Result of All Education Boards

My SSC Examination Experience 

SSC Exam Experience 2017

A day before the examination, I went to see seat plan at my center Zila Sadar School, Tangail . Finally, the day arrived. But truly speaking it seems hard to sleep the night before the examination. I got up early in that morning and had an early bath. Then I began to revise my notes but it makes me more confused and tensed. That moment my mother told me not to study anymore and to take breakfast.
I can remember that the breakfast was rice with mashed gourd leaves and it’s a tradition in our country. Isn’t it funny! By that time my parents had also got ready. Then all of us went quite early for the center since it was the first day of SSC examination.

When we reached the examination center we saw a big crowd of students and they were surrounded with well-wishers. After a few minutes, I discovered my friends and that moment I was really happy.
After opening the gate we were directed to our examination room by some invigilators. It was a big hall room with a pin drop silence. Before taking the seat I searched my uniform pocket and other documents that there is no objectionable suspect.

As the bell rang two invigilators gave us answer book, I wrote my roll number and filled other OMR requirements. Soon the other bell rang and the question paper delivered to us. That moment my heart was palpitating. When I took a glance of exam questions it released my most of the fear because the question was not too much hard. At first, I marked up the questions I wanted to answer. Then I began to write with the name of Allah.

I was busy in writing; suddenly I heard some whispering sound in the class. I saw that one of my classmates was fallen to the floor and she became senseless because of high fever. She rescued from the class and tried to give exam in a medical bed. I felt bad for her as she was a brilliant student.

To check if I would answer the full questions I looked towards the clock. It made me nervous that only 20 minutes left and I had one more question to be attempted. I started writing its answer with full vigor and only two minutes before the last bell rang I finished writing. Then I gave a quick revision of my Exam paper to sort out any mistake. At last, the bell rang; invigilators came to my seat and took away my answer paper.

It pulled a sigh of relief from tension to know that the examination was, after all not as difficult as I thought it to be. Then I came out from the exam hall. Although this useful and exciting experience will always be recollected in my life. I have learned a lot of tricks and precautions to be taken during the period of an examination.
Note Book: Above ssc examination experience is written by Mrs. Rakhi Masud. This story is a real story

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JSC Scholarship Result 2016

Junior School Certificate Scholarship Result 2017

JSC Scholarship Result 2016

The Junior School Certificate, also known as JSC, is a community evaluation taken by learners in Bangladesh after effective finishing eight years of education. It is also follow by Secondary School Certificate(SSC).

Here is available: Result of SSC 2017 of All Education Boards

JSC Scholarship Result 2017 is not published yet. If the result published; you can download the notice from here! Normally this result is published as a PDF File.
Many learners are doing better in this evaluation. Before this was only a professional evaluation and not also must give evaluation. Since 2011 JSC is taking in complete Innovative (locally creative) concerns. It is also tell that JSC was also presented so that inadequate people and desolate people of non-urban part of the nation can do well in the exam; examinees are able to retake the examinations with other frequent examinees one year later if they don't succeed.

JSC Scholarship Result 2017 

Mark Distribution System

JSC Scholarship Result 2016

JSC evaluation is also take over 9 topic.Each topic contains 100 represents and complete 900 represents on 9 topics.There are no several option concerns in English 1st document and English 2nd document. In Bangle 1st document, Bangle 2nd document, Common Technology, Public Technology, Islamic Research, Farming Science/Home Financial aspects and Arithmetic contain illustrative query as well as several option concerns.

The Knowledge Forums of Bangladesh has offered the Outcome depending on GPA (Grade Factor Average), which relies on each Subject figure Quality Factor (GP). If you ranking 70 (Seventy), Marks will numeration as GP 4.00 and if 69 (Sixty Nine) Marks, it will depend GP 3.50. For intelligence better, we will offer the Whole Marks Submission chart in below. Here we all interest that all Bangladeshi community Exam Outcome Post with this GPA Technique.
JSC or JDC is an functionary community evaluation in Bangladesh, which is considered by government education panel of Bangladesh.

JSC/JDC result 2016

Jsc/Jdc is the biggest study of our country. Annually biggest amount of learners were be present at in this evaluation.This season a complete 24,12,775 learners showed up at JSC and JDC evaluation. A last season the count of the applicants was 23 lakh 25 million and 933. The amount of JSC applicants under eight knowledge forums is 20 lakh 38 million and 303 where the variety JDC applicants is 3 lakh 74 million and 472. Total variety of boys student is 11,24,373 and count of girls student is 12,88,402.JSC was held on 1st Nov and end on Seventeenth Nov 2016.The first study of JSC was Arabic & the last evaluation was Farming.

Education Panel Bangladesh first of all has not fixed the exact date to post JSC Outcome. But at last like previous years JSC and JDC result should be rease in the last week of 29th Dec 2016 and ongoing up to 5th Jan, 2017.

Education Reverend Nurul Islam Nahid and Primary and Mass Education Reverend Mostafizur Rahman handed over the outcomes to Primary Reverend Sheikh Hasina at her formal residence Ganabhaban in the morning.Our Respectable prime minister Sheikh Hasina then officially declared the outcomes.

Junior School Certification (JSC) and Younger Dakhil Certification (JDC) exams experienced a minor rise in the successfully pass amount while the variety of GPA 5 go getters came down.
The successfully pass amount for JSC and JDC this time stands at 90.41% which was 89.85% in 2013.

This season the variety of GPA 5 the highest grade-point average owners in JSC and JDC is 1,56,235 JSC while it was 1,72,208 in 2003.A complete of 18,45,732 (90.41 percent) learners out of 20,41,471 passed the JSC and JDC exams under eight general knowledge forums and one Madrasa knowledge board.

JSC Scholarship Result 2017

Learners who have done better outcome and obtained more represents they will give grant in two categories-

1.Talent pull grade
JSC Scholarship Result 2016
2.General grade

 JSC JSC Scholarship Result will publish towards the 30 days of May/June 2017.Talent share students also chosen this way which students have got 80% markes all that topics and which students have got 70-79% markes all that topics,They will be able for common quality.

Now a chance to released JSC Scholarship outcome 2017 and students are desperately waiting for this outcome.The JSC Scholarship outcome will release on the training and learning panel formal web page at and also our web page.You also get your outcome by just click this Here.....

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Notice about Admit Card of SSC Examination 2017

Admit Card of SSC Examination 2017

SSC examination will be start from the second day to February 2017. You can download the ssc routine from this organization's official website also!
Recently, education board has published a new notice about admit card of secondary school certificate examination. To download the notice about the admit card; please go to the finishing site of this post.

Here is also another important notice about SSC Result 2017

After getting admit card, What to should do for a student?

Follow the image's instructions after receive the admit card:

To help the exeminee, we create above image is in bangla language.
During the last year of JSC Examination, my cousin was a candidate. He was get his admit card in the proper time. But he can't follow the full information's of his exam profile. As a result, he was suffer a serious problem. There is a big problem in his admit card. The authority organization is not print the optional (4th Subject) in his card.
He was amazed, when was saw this big problem! He was contact me first and say the problem about this. I was advice him to contact his Head Master as soon as possible.
Before 2 days of the exam date, I was corrected by the authority. But it is very hard and unbearable.
So you should check the admit card immediately after getting.

Download the Notice about Admit Card

Before minimum a week (seven days), your school provide you the admit card. After getting admit card, you should check and re-check the details of the admit card and the registration card.
Some times there are found some wrong information in those card. As a result, every candidate should seriously check the those cards.

This notice is very important; so share this notice via social medias such as Facebook, Google Plus etc. 
 SSC 2017 Admit Card

It is impossible to participate in the exam; without admit card. So every student should take care for his admit card.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Will Need To Do After SSC Examination

I wish you are all keep well.Today i will tell you what should do after your SSC exam result.

Dear friends, you are all busy for upcoming SSC examination.I should think that you will all take your exam preparation properly.I will also pray to GOD that you are all give your exam well and keep it up your success.

{Your SSC Results 2017 Has been published!}

On this day, I will tell you something special things about that what will need to do after your ssc examination.This is also important part of our life and in this steps we all should need to take proper decision.

After SSC examination you have got enough time on your hand.Many students use this time to get relaxed and many other them will be busy with their tour.Please don't do that.Because, your future
also will  depend on your work that you would do this free time.

At this present time, we all need to take admission for admit our desire collage.For this admission we have to use modern technology this is online admission program.We will need to apply our desire collage in online.When you fill-up your form in online as required, here you can fined a option which has 3 sections.It's Science,Arts & commerce.This 3 section is the part of General section.

If you willing to carry on your study on General category,you should made your career as a Doctor, Engineer, Advocate, BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) cadre or a successful businessman & etc.But many others does not wish to study in general education.They also think to do something different.For them, I will give some important tips.

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They should study on technical department. After complete this course you will get huge profits for your career & luckly you should get a good local or international jobs.Here i will tell you some categories which are inside the technical division.

Diploma Category

First that you should decide Diploma category.Here you will find
various subjects, some of them Civil, CSE, Chemical engg, Production
engg, EEE, Arc., Automobile Mechanical etc.After complete this course
you will found various types of job in Bangladesh.

To take admission on Diploma course you will need eligibility-

1. SSC mark sheet
2.School leaving certificate
3.Income certificate if applicable in EBC scheme
4.Cast certificate if candidate belongs to reserved classes

And also you have to need a basic SSC qualification can be accepted into the course.

The diploma programs that follow a semester pattern have a planned duration of four years, with three years of study and one year for an industrial internship. Eng. Diploma courses can be divided into two types depending upon the basic entrance qualification required.

Now a Days, Many other company demand Diploma engg. because they are complete their educated at the hands of the pen.Suppose if you do not get a good job, so what you start your own business.You have to learn your lesson at the hands of the pen.I have been never seen that after complete Diploma no other was unemployed.So don't worry about this.

Now i will share with you about interesting Category.In this regard, you may know about this category. This category is Marine Engineering. This course is a 3 years long diploma certificate course.

 Introduce about Marine engineering

A ship functions due to its various parts, which works in tandem. Some of the well known machines and parts present in a ship are Generators, Engines, Fuel Tanks, Refrigeration Units, Boilers, Pumps, Turbines, Electrical and Electronic Systems etc.

A Marine engineer is responsible for designing, planning, manufacturing, maintaining and repairing various machinery and parts of a ship.


    1.Ship Design and Construction
     2.Engineering Mechanics     

     3.Diesel Engine
     5.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
     6.Fuels, Oils and Lubricants
     7.Safety Technology and Management
     8.Electrical and Electronic System
     11.Welding Technology
     12.Communication Skills
     13.Engineering Graphics

To take admission on Diploma course you will need eligibility as same as Diploma engg. And also you have to need a basic SSC qualification can be accepted into the course.You can take this course to get a free scholarship or our country by take a admission test.After gaining bachelor’s degree, one may follow it up with advanced relevant courses like M.E./M.Tech, M.Sc, PG Diploma programs etc.
After completing Diploma in Marine Engineering, one may go for 2 years long pre-sea training, complete it, and become a marine engineer aboard a merchant navy ship!Marine Engineering is so demand full subject all over the world & after complete this course you get a good job with a high salary.

Many say referral, No more today.Next time i will come before you come with a new topics.All should keep well


Friday, January 6, 2017

PSC Scholarship Result 2016

Primary School Certificate(PSC)

PSC Scholarship Result 2016

Primary school certificate or PSC is an official public examination in Bangladesh, which is taken by under the Authority of primary education Bangladesh (DPE- Department of Primary Education) board of Bangladesh. To take a part in the examination of the fifth grade students from a school and student also approved by the board of education Bangladesh, the exam tests will be determined by the Board on students to sit the examination.

Here is also available the SSC Exam Results 2017!

 PSC scholarship Result 2016

PSC Scholarship Result 2016
This test is known as the primary model test examination. PSC examination was familiar to the people in 2009  as primary school certificate.First two years, the exam result would given as division wise but since 2011 is the result of grading system. The time of exam was increased from 2010 during the half-hour was two and a half hours.

Ebtedayi Final Examination

Ebtedayi final exam for the primary school certificate or its equivalent PDC is the fifth grade students of Madrasa Education Board approved a government in which the initial test was taken under the boards. This test is known as the primary ebtedayi final exam. Ebtedayi PDC final exam since the exam was introduced in 2010. The first two years,the exam result would given as division wise but since 2011 is the result of grading system. The tests increased from 2011 during the half-hour was two and a half hours.

PSC exam 2016

PSC Scholarship Result 2016
The first exam of primary school certificate was English and that was started on 20th November, 2016 all education board.And this exam was completed by the Mathematics subject at 27th November,2016. Ebtadaiy education also finished at the same time. Mr. Nrul islam nahid, the respectable education prime minister was informed that exam date all over the education board.PSC exam was started on 11 A.M to 1.30 P.M all over institute in Bangladesh.
In this year of 2016, primary school certificate exam participate total 31 lakh students in Bangladesh education board.27,99,613 students were in general education board and also 3,11,265 examines were attended to Madrasah education board in Bangladesh.

Primary school certificate scholarship result will be publish within very short time.The authority reached a decision  that they  may be publish their result on 19th April 2017. PSC result 2016 has been published on 29th December and this is  indicators that the very well passed rate of the students gives all the country very pleasure.This year,student has been got their mark sheet from 1st January 2016.

PSC Scholarship Result 2016

PSC scholarship was also given in two categories-

1.Talent pool
2. General grade

Talent pool students also selected this way which students have got 80% markes all that subjects and which students have got 70-79% markes all that subjects,They will be able for general grade.

Last year 54,412 students got PSC scholarship 2015 and this result was published 15 February, 2016.This year PSC passed rate 98.96%.Now time to published PSC Scholarship result 2016 and students are eagerly waitting for this result.The PSC Scholarship result will be published on the primary education official website at and also our website.
You also get your result by click this Here...


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bangladesh Supreme Court issued a new rule about SSC From Fillup 2017

Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh High Court division (special jurisdiction) has been issued a new rule about form fill-up of SSC Examination 2017.

{Bangladesh Education Board Results published the SSC Result 2017!}

Please see the notice's jpeg file below.....

In every year SSC (secondary school certificate) and HSC (Higher secondary school certificate) examination must held in Bangladesh. According to the rule of education board Bangladesh. Form fill up is the mandatory event for all the exam candidate who want's to participate in the next examination.

For the form fill up, most of the school's teachers and managing committees are charge extra money. It is very unbearable problem for the students and students guardians.
In Bangladesh, there is lot of people who lived in below the poverty line. As a result, this extra charge is another burden for them. Sometimes many guardians can't able to payment money for the form fill up. In many cases, candidates and their guardians have been movements for the form fill up of hsc and ssc examination. In this situation, sometimes participation exam candidate almost uncertain for a HSC or SSC examinee.

But still this problem is not solve. The movement of students and parents; Our government has participated.

To resolve this problem; our government has been taken a new decision. Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh High Court division already issued a new rules to prevent such kinds of problem.

I think you have already read the above notice file. So now you can realized the matter. According to the Bangladesh Supreme court and high court,

"If any any school charge extra money in form fill up; they will be punished" 

So every school and school committee should not charge extra charge on HSC or SSC form fill up.