Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bangladesh Supreme Court issued a new rule about SSC From Fillup 2017

Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh High Court division (special jurisdiction) has been issued a new rule about form fill-up of SSC Examination 2017.

{Bangladesh Education Board Results published the SSC Result 2017!}

Please see the notice's jpeg file below.....

In every year SSC (secondary school certificate) and HSC (Higher secondary school certificate) examination must held in Bangladesh. According to the rule of education board Bangladesh. Form fill up is the mandatory event for all the exam candidate who want's to participate in the next examination.

For the form fill up, most of the school's teachers and managing committees are charge extra money. It is very unbearable problem for the students and students guardians.
In Bangladesh, there is lot of people who lived in below the poverty line. As a result, this extra charge is another burden for them. Sometimes many guardians can't able to payment money for the form fill up. In many cases, candidates and their guardians have been movements for the form fill up of hsc and ssc examination. In this situation, sometimes participation exam candidate almost uncertain for a HSC or SSC examinee.

But still this problem is not solve. The movement of students and parents; Our government has participated.

To resolve this problem; our government has been taken a new decision. Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh High Court division already issued a new rules to prevent such kinds of problem.

I think you have already read the above notice file. So now you can realized the matter. According to the Bangladesh Supreme court and high court,

"If any any school charge extra money in form fill up; they will be punished" 

So every school and school committee should not charge extra charge on HSC or SSC form fill up.



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