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Story of my SSC Exam Experience; May be Useful For You

A Real story of SSC Exam Experience

The experiences of sitting in the examination hall are really full of tension, mental torture and also excitement, even if the examinee is a topper in the class. I was watching terrible faces of my friends as they were also in trouble like me. Truly speaking, the very word ‘examination’ send tremble to everyone’s spine, whether it is a public or other examination.
It was started with admission test. Now I am talking about my condition during my first public examination. It was Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) arranged by Central Board of Secondary Education, Bangladesh.

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My SSC Examination Experience 

SSC Exam Experience 2017

A day before the examination, I went to see seat plan at my center Zila Sadar School, Tangail . Finally, the day arrived. But truly speaking it seems hard to sleep the night before the examination. I got up early in that morning and had an early bath. Then I began to revise my notes but it makes me more confused and tensed. That moment my mother told me not to study anymore and to take breakfast.
I can remember that the breakfast was rice with mashed gourd leaves and it’s a tradition in our country. Isn’t it funny! By that time my parents had also got ready. Then all of us went quite early for the center since it was the first day of SSC examination.

When we reached the examination center we saw a big crowd of students and they were surrounded with well-wishers. After a few minutes, I discovered my friends and that moment I was really happy.
After opening the gate we were directed to our examination room by some invigilators. It was a big hall room with a pin drop silence. Before taking the seat I searched my uniform pocket and other documents that there is no objectionable suspect.

As the bell rang two invigilators gave us answer book, I wrote my roll number and filled other OMR requirements. Soon the other bell rang and the question paper delivered to us. That moment my heart was palpitating. When I took a glance of exam questions it released my most of the fear because the question was not too much hard. At first, I marked up the questions I wanted to answer. Then I began to write with the name of Allah.

I was busy in writing; suddenly I heard some whispering sound in the class. I saw that one of my classmates was fallen to the floor and she became senseless because of high fever. She rescued from the class and tried to give exam in a medical bed. I felt bad for her as she was a brilliant student.

To check if I would answer the full questions I looked towards the clock. It made me nervous that only 20 minutes left and I had one more question to be attempted. I started writing its answer with full vigor and only two minutes before the last bell rang I finished writing. Then I gave a quick revision of my Exam paper to sort out any mistake. At last, the bell rang; invigilators came to my seat and took away my answer paper.

It pulled a sigh of relief from tension to know that the examination was, after all not as difficult as I thought it to be. Then I came out from the exam hall. Although this useful and exciting experience will always be recollected in my life. I have learned a lot of tricks and precautions to be taken during the period of an examination.
Note Book: Above ssc examination experience is written by Mrs. Rakhi Masud. This story is a real story


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