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What Will Need To Do After SSC Examination

I wish you are all keep well.Today i will tell you what should do after your SSC exam result.

Dear friends, you are all busy for upcoming SSC examination.I should think that you will all take your exam preparation properly.I will also pray to GOD that you are all give your exam well and keep it up your success.

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On this day, I will tell you something special things about that what will need to do after your ssc examination.This is also important part of our life and in this steps we all should need to take proper decision.

After SSC examination you have got enough time on your hand.Many students use this time to get relaxed and many other them will be busy with their tour.Please don't do that.Because, your future
also will  depend on your work that you would do this free time.

At this present time, we all need to take admission for admit our desire collage.For this admission we have to use modern technology this is online admission program.We will need to apply our desire collage in online.When you fill-up your form in online as required, here you can fined a option which has 3 sections.It's Science,Arts & commerce.This 3 section is the part of General section.

If you willing to carry on your study on General category,you should made your career as a Doctor, Engineer, Advocate, BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) cadre or a successful businessman & etc.But many others does not wish to study in general education.They also think to do something different.For them, I will give some important tips.

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They should study on technical department. After complete this course you will get huge profits for your career & luckly you should get a good local or international jobs.Here i will tell you some categories which are inside the technical division.

Diploma Category

First that you should decide Diploma category.Here you will find
various subjects, some of them Civil, CSE, Chemical engg, Production
engg, EEE, Arc., Automobile Mechanical etc.After complete this course
you will found various types of job in Bangladesh.

To take admission on Diploma course you will need eligibility-

1. SSC mark sheet
2.School leaving certificate
3.Income certificate if applicable in EBC scheme
4.Cast certificate if candidate belongs to reserved classes

And also you have to need a basic SSC qualification can be accepted into the course.

The diploma programs that follow a semester pattern have a planned duration of four years, with three years of study and one year for an industrial internship. Eng. Diploma courses can be divided into two types depending upon the basic entrance qualification required.

Now a Days, Many other company demand Diploma engg. because they are complete their educated at the hands of the pen.Suppose if you do not get a good job, so what you start your own business.You have to learn your lesson at the hands of the pen.I have been never seen that after complete Diploma no other was unemployed.So don't worry about this.

Now i will share with you about interesting Category.In this regard, you may know about this category. This category is Marine Engineering. This course is a 3 years long diploma certificate course.

 Introduce about Marine engineering

A ship functions due to its various parts, which works in tandem. Some of the well known machines and parts present in a ship are Generators, Engines, Fuel Tanks, Refrigeration Units, Boilers, Pumps, Turbines, Electrical and Electronic Systems etc.

A Marine engineer is responsible for designing, planning, manufacturing, maintaining and repairing various machinery and parts of a ship.


    1.Ship Design and Construction
     2.Engineering Mechanics     

     3.Diesel Engine
     5.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
     6.Fuels, Oils and Lubricants
     7.Safety Technology and Management
     8.Electrical and Electronic System
     11.Welding Technology
     12.Communication Skills
     13.Engineering Graphics

To take admission on Diploma course you will need eligibility as same as Diploma engg. And also you have to need a basic SSC qualification can be accepted into the course.You can take this course to get a free scholarship or our country by take a admission test.After gaining bachelor’s degree, one may follow it up with advanced relevant courses like M.E./M.Tech, M.Sc, PG Diploma programs etc.
After completing Diploma in Marine Engineering, one may go for 2 years long pre-sea training, complete it, and become a marine engineer aboard a merchant navy ship!Marine Engineering is so demand full subject all over the world & after complete this course you get a good job with a high salary.

Many say referral, No more today.Next time i will come before you come with a new topics.All should keep well



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